We know our clients have invested a lot in their flooring, because of that we want to offer services to keep that investment long lasting.

Sure, your janitorial staff takes care of the daily cleaning of your building but we handle the long term floor upkeep.

The most critical decision of your flooring maintenance program will be WHO will maintain it. 99% of the life of the flooring comes after it is installed. Choosing a company with certified commercial carpet cleaning technicians is crucial. The best products and best installation will not perform as intended if maintained inappropriately.

Green Reasons to Clean
Carpet Longevity Cost Savings
Maintenance Floor Plans

Green Reasons to Clean

  • Over four billion pounds of carpet enter the solid waste stream in the U.S. every year, accounting for more than one percent by weight and about two percent by volume of all municipal solid waste (MSW). 
  • The bulky nature of carpet creates collection and handling problems for solid waste operations and the variety of materials present in carpet makes it difficult to recycle; however, new efforts are underway to increase recycling opportunities.

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