We also use only CRI certified equipment and chemistry in our process to insure that you are getting the best value possible for your money while maintain any manufacturer warranties you have in place on your flooring investment

For low or moderately soiled areas we feature low moisture ResisTech. So how does ResisTech work? It is a three-part system that provides:

  • Powerful encapsulation technology to clean and suspend oily soils and dirt particles for removal with vacuuming
  • Soil resistance to help keep carpets looking cleaner longer along with regular vacuuming
  • Stain protection to repel stains and allow easy removal


Hot Water Extraction

For heavily soiled areas that have been neglected or inappropriately cleaned:

Most carpet manufacturers recommend an annual hot water extraction to the carpet and we use a re-soil neutral chemistry that reduces the wicking and re-soiling that traditional hot water extraction can cause.

For heavily soiled and damaged carpet:

This is a premium three step process that combines dry soil removal, extraction steam cleaning and low moisture ResisTech to restore your carpet to a like new condition.

before after


A 24/7 emergency service provides an urgent response to water leaks and problems that need immediate water removal using portable extractors, drying fans and dehumidifiers.


For any flooring emergency callĀ 913.208.5475