Routine Maintenance Cleaning
As with most natural stone surfaces, a complete clean can only be obtained through regular, deep scrubbing of the entire floor, with a rinse of clean water throughout the process. In addition to top of the line cleaning chemicals and procedures, Image’s dual bristle brush applicator counter rotates in opposite directions, further breaking up any hard to manage spots and stains, providing a clean, polished look.

Restorative Cleaning Procedures
Depending on the flooring type, once a natural stone surface is properly cleaned, a unique diamond pad polishing system may be applied to greatly increase aesthetic value. From etch removal to surface enhancements; Image has the knowledge to bring back the luster of stone flooring. So no matter the status of the flooring, an intensive eight step process with minimal chemical use will be utilized to procure a surface that pops with a high mirror shine.


Restorative Cleaning Chemistry

The first step to a complete restorative maintenance program is to strip the floor entirely, starting with the detail work first. All edging and baseboard work is meticulously stripped and cleaned separate from the rest of the floor.


A complete rinse and neutralization is accomplished, whether flooring is new or old.


Wax coating(s) applications are laid down.