It is my honor to introduce myself to Scott Rice families and nice to share about my story. Before I write about how I ended up apply to Scott Rice, I would like to share little bit about my life background.


The story goes back to the time when I was 14. It was my first time taking a first step in another country. Living in Korea for 14 years and taking first step towards success in peaceful country, New Zealand made me feel so excited and nervous at that time. I lived in capital city, Wellington, New Zealand for 4 years and I had a lovely host Kiwi family who truly loved me.

After I graduated from high school in New Zealand, I went back to Korea and had a gap year with my family. I applied to Iowa State University for interior design major and I will turn senior this following fall semester. Every semester, I have designed different projects such as luxury residence, condominium, retail, and healthcare design. However, I never experienced with office or education design before,so I believed that this new challenge is a big and significant experience for my future career. I would like to learn and feel about what real world is in Scott Rice.

Here are some projects that I did in college and if you guys would like to look more of my projects, you are welcome to have a look at my portfolio.

By Juhyun So

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