Modularity: Our unique approach to business.

As pioneers in modular carpet tile, we launched a completely new paradigm that informs our entire systems approach. We feel a kinship with the legendary mad scientist—always tinkering behind the scenes to come up with better ways of improving the status quo. This has led to great innovations in flexibility and sustainability. Modularity defines more than just our products: it’s a metaphor for how we see the world, and a sure path to improving it.

What drives us?

A positive vision of the future and the determination to make it come true. The moral courage to do what is right, despite all obstacles. An abiding commitment to show that sustainability is better for business. We believe that change starts with us and is transforming Interface from a plunderer of the earth to an agent of its restoration. Through this process of redesigning ourselves, we hope to be a catalyst for the redesign of global industry.



By following principles of biomimicry, we created i2, a design platform featuring carpet tiles that vary from one to the other within each style and color. The result is tiles that blend together no matter when they are purchased or installed. And, our i2 non directional styles install with less waste – 1.5% for i2 non directional styles compared to an average waste factor of 14% for traditional roll carpet – so you save time and money.

Many i2 carpet tile products—available in both square and plank formats—are designed to be installed in any order and orientation. This means less installation time, nearly 90% less waste than traditional broadloom carpet, and easy reclamation and recycling.And because there’s no need to worry about matching dye lots, less attic stock is required and selective replacement is even more effective. This not only saves time and money, but also the environment.




Skinny Planks™ offer ultimate design flexibility. Their long lines can mimic the look of broadloom or help you create large scale patterns. They create a sense of movement that’s perfect for wayfinding cues or just outlining specific areas. Mix them with squares and your options are exponentially greater.

Since we introduced Skinny Planks a few years ago we’ve shown an array of installation possibilities. Use the three views in the gallery below to discover how easy and fun they can be to create and build upon.



Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 3.48.51 PM


With more than 60 million square yards installed since 2006, TacTiles is the proven glue-free installation system for our modular carpet tiles. The TacTiles installation system uses 3” adhesive squares. These flexible backing systems hug the floor, creating dimensional stability without glue. The tiles are connected to each other and nothing sticks to the subfloor.

  • TacTiles connectors are a faster, cleaner, more earth-friendly alternative to traditional carpet adhesives
  • Easy to use and eliminate the mess, odor and drying time of spread adhesives.
  • Provide greater flexibility for installation and selective replacement.
  • With virtually zero VOCs and an environmental footprint that’s more than 90% lower than traditional carpet adhesives