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For more than 30 years, Bentley Mills, Inc. has defined design, color, quality, and customer service in the commercial carpet industry. Our California-based brand manufactures and markets award-winning broadloom, carpet tile, and area rug products for interiors across the globe. With luxury, timelessness, and crafted quality at the forefront of our product design, Bentley is proud to be recognized consistently for leadership in design, performance, and customer service to the architecture and interior design community. We are also committed to sustainable commerce as we continue to evolve our product lines to mirror our eco-conscious philosophy and achieve top industry certifications, like Cradle to Cradle and NSF® 140. As the largest commercial carpet manufacturer in California, we are proud to operate in a LEED-EBOM® Gold carpet manufacturing facility, the same facility in which we began our journey in 1979


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Bentley manufactures more than 100 products in broadloom, carpet tile, and area rugs. Every product manufactured by Bentley contains recycled content. The majority of patterns and styles are available in both broadloom and carpet tile. Carpet tile is offered in a variety of tile sizes, including 18 in x 36 in and 24 in x 24 in, in various approved installation methods for modular creativity. A spectrum of partnerships with the design community, the flooring industry, and complementary segments, enables Bentley to offer customers a total solution of multiple broadloom and carpet tile collections, many of which coordinate with select hard-surface partner products.


  • All Bentley carpet is made with high-quality, branded nylon. These premium fibers provide superior performance and appearance retention with resistance to staining, crushing, matting, and wear, so the carpet keeps its original appearance with little maintenance through time.
  • The company’s standard broadloom backing, High PerformancePC, contains a minimum of 20-percent recycled content by total product weight from recycled carpet backing, an important step in closing the loop. All other available broadloom backings, including Optimum Barrier™ II, Optimum Barrier™ II RC Cushion, and Prestige PlusRC™, contain substantial recycled content, as well.
  • NexStep® Cushion Tile and AFIRMA™ Hardback Tile, provide the ultimate high-performance backing structure to increase carpet life expectancy by up to 50 percent, maintain a uniform profile, reduce employee fatigue, and enhance soil removal. They also contains a percentage of recycled content. • XTERA™, a patented soil and stain resistant that extends the life and performance of flooring, also is used in all Bentley products.