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Image Flooring is part of a unique family of interdependent companies that combine to offer complete solutions. Each company is an expert in its field and each brings its own set of highly specialized skills to offer fully integrated planning, tenant finishes, technology, construction, accessories, move management and furniture.

Current collaborating companies include: Scott Rice Office Works, Image Flooring, Commercial Installation & Construction and Facility Management Services Group.

About Image Flooring

Prevent Flooring Failures

The commercial flooring industry has undergone a dramatic shift over the past decade. New and emerging interior design trends coupled with the need for flooring that addresses acoustics, energy management, and maintenance requirements have changed the way the A&D community specifies flooring.


Department of Veteran Affairs adopts INSTALL certification standards

By John T. McGrath Jr.

The International Standards and Training Alliance (INSTALL) has strengthened its partnership with the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The goal is to ensure floor covering is specified and installed in a way that minimizes product failures in VA facilities across the U.S.

The VA actively strives for the highest level of construction and installation standards across its thousands of facilities. From the foundation to the roof, its facility managers, employees and patients can’t afford costly mistakes.

“Like any other industry that owns and operates institutional buildings, we have a long history of flooring failure,” said Orest Burdiakprincipal interior designer at the VA. “From poor floor prep to improper testing for moisture to inadequate moisture mitigation, there has been a laundry list of issues across hundreds of facilities.”

While some of these issues were a result of faulty products, the vast majority of failures were the direct result of improper or substandard installation, research shows. Some of this is also a direct result of cost saving measures. As a government entity, the VA has a fiduciary duty to the American public when it comes to spending.

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