Rachel meeting with the other interior designers to discuss upcoming work.

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am the Design Intern for Scott Rice. I am going to be heading into my final 4th year of Interior Design at Kansas State University this fall, finishing my collegiate studies with an emphasis in the human factor in design through my secondary major of Gerontology. Acquiring this internship came from my own efforts to get to know this wonderful company beginning last summer. I established connections with a few people within the office and spent a day shadowing them individually. I then kept in touch with all of them, visited the Manhattan office a few times, and continued to learn from their valuable expertise as I completed a corporate design project using Steelcase products in my studies at KSU. I knew I wanted to gain real world experience with this company from everyone’s willingness to educate others about their professional endeavors and knowledge.

After interviewing for the position and excitedly accepting the opportunity in the spring, I began work at Scott Rice in May. My experiences at this progressive company thus far have already greatly exceeded my expectations of internship life, only five weeks in. My initial goal with this position was simply to gain a deeper understanding of the connection and collaboration between designers, salespeople, project managers, manufacturers, and clients. However, I have already amassed more than just that – I have come to hold a good understanding of Steelcase products, terminology, furniture systems, design methods, project processes, as well as the fantastic research on educational, healthcare, and workplace efficiency being done by Steelcase.

Some of the most valuable learning moments have come from working with others to meet project deadlines while balancing my personal assignments. I was delighted in my first few weeks to begin working on several projects as the sole designer for multiple clients – including a larger project in New York City! Through these experiences, I know my presence at this company is not only a valued one, but a needed one – a feeling that makes me work with increased dedication and purpose. The designers here at Scott Rice have been incredibly inclusive and helpful as I begin each new project endeavor. Their attitude lends itself to a positive, efficient and, ultimately, reliable project process from start to finish. The office is also in an exciting period of transition as the entire office space is reconfigured, redesigned, and implemented with cutting edge Steelcase products and other design materials. It has been hectic having to constantly move around, but watching one design be demolished and a new one installed right here under our feet has been fascinating!

This internship continues to allow me to involve efforts from all my skill sets, with a new experience each day. I look forward to continuing to grow my professional understanding through this company’s active involvement in the design community on both national and local levels. The quality of design-minded individuals employed at Scott Rice has already served me well through my learning on the job, and the knowledge I’ve gained will continue to benefit me as I finish my final year at K-State, then begin working full-time in the industry next summer! (Note: I have especially appreciated the amount of Wildcats working here, and their never-wavering Purple Pride! Shout out to all of you!)

Rachel Knox Design Intern
Rachel Knox
Design Intern

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